THe end of an era

Since I’m no longer actively running Bad Days Abroad, you can explore my astrological readings by heading to my new website – The Fox Hill Witch – where I guide those who resonate with my energy to navigate an uncertain time in their life based on their unique astrological birth chart. If you feel lost personally, professionally or geographically, my readings are there to light the way towards your soul’s deepest desires.

I hadn’t engaged with astrology much before which is why I was impressed with how much your reading of my astro map resonated with me. Without knowing anything about my story, you managed to describe what I’ve experienced living in [city] through astrology and why I feel intellectually and socially stimulated to move to [city] instead. Thank you for your gift of insightfulness!


Long-term expat

I find myself at a juncture in life where we need to make decisions around location. I was intrigued how locational astrology might play into that. I was surprised how accurate a picture Katherine presented. It’s confirmed a lot of things. I felt safe with Katherine and I knew I was with someone who is both knowledgable and cares about doing things the ‘right way’.


Serial expat, temporary repat

I ended up with a big smile on my face after your reading! I had never considered [location] before because I would feel guilty towards my own family if we decided to move there as it’s far from them. It felt good to hear that there might be good things waiting for me in [location]. You gave me so much information that I need to listen to again but I feel like I already have a much clearer idea of what each location would bring me.


Long-term expat

You were bang on about [city]. I was fresh off of a breakup and wanted a big change. I have since settled down in [city] but I’m finding it hard to find love. I don’t plan on moving but I’m excited to try out bringing some Venusian energy into my life here based on the list of locations you shared. Thank you so much for such an interesting reading!




Astrology uses your birth data to understand how the planets were positioned at the time of your birth and what that may say about your personality and lessons in this lifetime. 

Locational astrology builds on that by revealing your unique astrological world map (or ‘astro map’) with different planetary lines that have a different affect on how you experience a specific location in the world.

Each planetary line has a theme that gets activated when you move close to that planetary line.

To make a simplified example, moving close to Venus’ planetary line is great for finding love while living close to Pluto’s sphere of influence brings about deep (but not necessarily pleasant) personal transformations.

That said, it’s always important to look at your birth chart for any challenging aspects as you may experience Venus as a heavy influence and Pluto as an invigorating one. 

It’s all very individual which is what I help you make sense of with the help of my years of experience in astrology.

The fact that the location you have in mind may bring challenges into your life is not reason enough for you to drop your plans if it doesn’t feel like the right thing to do. 

In hindsight, some of the most challenging places I’ve lived in have been crucial for my success later in life in the most unexpected ways.

So, if you happen to find out that the place you’re considering may prove to be astrologically challenging for you, I will guide you on how to work with that energy and how to incorporate that lesson into your life so that it empowers you rather than brings you down. 

Knowledge is power, so you don’t need to afraid of a “bad” verdict.

Trust that you are guided to a specific location for a reason. It’s just that the reason itself may reveal itself much later down the line.

You don’t need to have any knowledge of astrology. I explain all relevant planetary influences and how they apply to you in an easy-to-understand and relatable way. Where possible, I also draw from others’ experiences (anonymously, of course!) to really illustrate how certain planetary influences can play out. 

If something remains confusing for you, you are more than welcome to send me clarifying questions afterwards.

No, in my view, astrology is a tool for self-understanding as well as understanding potentials. 

It’s not a fortune telling device. 

What you do with the insight and energies available to you will be completely up to you, and may also depend on the resources available to you at that point in time. 

Trust that neither life nor astrology is out to get you, but to guide you on your soul’s path towards greater harmony within yourself and with the world outside of you.


No planetary line is neither good nor bad as they all serve a purpose for your soul’s evolution. The key is to be aware of what may lie in store for you in a specific location so that you can work *with* the energies there and make the most out of the opportunity.

Taking this perspective further, there are no good or bad countries either. You end up living in or being drawn to specific countries for a reason – because there’s a lesson or a blessing, or both, waiting for you to experience there. This is not meant in a deterministic way because we can always choose a different path. 

Rather, locational astrology helps us understand *why* some places feel like home for us and others we couldn’t get away from fast enough. Through knowing what may be in store for us, we can create greater harmony no matter where we end up living.

  • You want to be prepared for a new location – discover what themes may get activated for you in a future destination so that you know how to counterbalance their impact on you as you settle into your new life
  • You want to improve some aspect of your life – find out where in the world is best for you for love, professional/business success, feeling at home, strong health, healing etc.
  • You want to start a new new chapter in your life – discover where in the world the planets are supportive for you for starting a family, succeeding professionally, focusing on healing, settling down, retiring etc.
  • You want to understand and heal from any past difficult experiences abroad  – your astro map can reveal what planetary influences may have caused / be causing any challenging experiences for you while living abroad and what the hidden lesson in it may have been / be for you
  • You want to know how to benefit from your unique list of beneficial locations around the world without ever having to move there – even if you don’t plan on moving or it isn’t possible for you to do so, you can bring the helpful energies of those locations into your life through buying local art, cultural immersion, language learning etc.

Locational astrology is not about predicting the future with certainty or determining the one perfect place to live. It provides insights into the potential energetic influences of different locations based on your birth chart.

These insights can guide you in understanding the opportunities, challenges, and lessons that may arise in specific locations.

Locational astrology empowers individuals to make more informed decisions about their living arrangements, but it does not negate personal agency or override other important considerations in choosing a place to live.

Locational astrology is primarily a personal exploration and should be approached with an open mind and discernment.

It can offer valuable insights, but it’s important to integrate these insights with your own judgment, intuition, and other factors when making decisions about your life and where you choose to live.

Culture and environment undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping our experiences and perceptions.

Locational astrology does not discount these influences but rather complements them by adding another layer of understanding.

By considering both the astrological influences and the cultural/environmental factors, locational astrology offers a holistic perspective on our experiences in different locations.