Why you can't decide
whether to
stay or go

You're afraid

When we're unable to decide, we're often living in fear - fear of the past repeating itself, making a mistake that we'll regret in the future or in fear of what other people might say.

you've lost touch with your needs

We can lose touch with our needs when we run on autopilot and don't notice that they've changed over time. It's also possible that we're only just learning to notice and honor our needs after a long time of putting others first.

There's no clear path to follow

Sometimes we realize that the path we have been following doesn't actually make us happy. However, realizing that we have to carve out our own path can trigger immense uncertainty because we have to step into the unknown without a clearly laid out path in front of us.

Whatever your circumstances...

… I have helped a number of expats like you get in touch with what will make them happiest and eliminate the fears that are keeping them stuck in analysis paralysis.  With my structured and proven method, you will be able to decide whether to stay or go with a sense of clarity and confidence.


"I can honestly say I feel more confident now that, no matter where we are, I am more informed and better equipped to create a stable life for me and my family. If you're feeling a bit upside-down about life abroad, I highly recommend Katherine. She is warm and wonderful on top of being insightful and knowledgable."
"I read your in-depth email several times and you gave me so much to think about, which I am super grateful for! You are so right about many of the things that you pointed out. I will dig deeper into those questions for sure."
Email consultation client
"Katherine truly helped me own my decisions. I went into this thinking that I would simply answer some questions, but I've learnt a lot about myself. Katherine is empathetic, digs deep, and has much experience to draw from."
Soon-to-be repat


Best for you if you:

  • need a step-by-step approach to work through alone
  • don’t want to commit to coaching sessions

Since I give my coaching clients personalized worksheets as homework, I’ve tested these exercises on real clients and made edits based on their feedback. The common dilemmas that most expats face have made it into this workbook.

However, if you’d like a more personalized approach, my email or coaching offers would suit you better. 

WHAT's the price?

This 80-page workbook with thematic prompts and self-reflection exercises costs 25 EUR (incl. 20% VAT)


Best for you if you:

  • need a fresh perspective on your dilemma
  • want personalized guidance on how to move forward
  • feel most comfortable expressing yourself in writing
How does it work?

Answer a few pre-defined questions that help me understand your story. I will then send you back a detailed analysis with personalized guiding questions and tools to help you find clarity at your own pace. If you need more guidance, you can book an extra e-mail consultation at a discounted rate.

When Will I get a reply?

My days for replies are Mondays and Thursdays. Depending on when you send me your story, you may have to wait a few days. 

How much does it cost?

One email consultation – 60€ (incl. VAT). Extra consultation – 48€ (incl. VAT).


Get this 90-minute coaching session if you:

  • want a single session to get a fresh perspective
  • need personalized tools that help you solve your dilemma 
  • want to stop being anxious and fearful of the future
  • want someone to point out what you’re missing
  • enjoy finding clarity by talking things through with someone objective and experienced
How does it work?

First, answer a few pre-defined questions and book a free, non-binding discovery call (20 minutes). If there’s a match, I will send you a link to my calendar and payment options.

  • personalized worksheets based on the session
  • 1x follow up email consultation 
How much does it cost?

140€ (incl. VAT)

Hi, I'm Katherine!

 I’m on a mission to help expats  find the same kind of clarity that helped me get out of feeling stuck and lost 1,5 years ago.

Before that I nearly drove myself insane over the years by overthinking whether I should stay in Denmark or move somewhere else.

The problem was that I was scared to make a big move and then realize that I’d made a mistake. 

At the core of it, I didn’t know what I truly wanted. So I decided to start asking some big questions from myself.

It didn’t happen overnight but after a while I began to hear what my inner voice was calling me to do.

As a result, in May 2020 I chose to move to Estonia, my passport country. I was still afraid whether things would work out but I was committed to seeing things through.

And let me tell you – I’ve felt such calm and joy since then and it’s largely because I was crystal clear on *why* I chose this country, come what may.

You deserve a life free of analysis paralysis as well.

That’s why I transformed my personal self-discovery process into a coaching method and a self-guided workbook that can guide you to the answers you’ve been looking for. 

How others have solved their dilemma