You seem to be QUITE stuck

You may be struggling to connect with what you really want, so you’re going around in circles in your head instead.

When we get stuck and find it difficult to know what to do, it is typically because we are operating from a place of fear, unspoken expectations by ourselves or what we think others would want us to do. In short, we are not operating from a place of being guided by our core needs and values. Alternatively, sometimes we may even know what it is we would do if no one was watching or if there were no negative consequences (whether real or perceived), but something is still holding us back.

Sometimes, time is not right for a big change. When we find ourselves stuck like that, it may take you a while to get clear on your needs, wants and future goals. Or simply to find the courage to make the move we know needs to be made. Sometimes we can push and push and push, but we are simply not able to move forward, try as you might. That’s when it’s wisest to find joy from small things in your life, until the day that the right path reveals itself. You won’t be able to ignore it when it happens.

questions to ask yourself

  1. What’s truly important to you? 
  2. What kind of life do you want to live? 
  3. Are you slowly realizing that your needs have changed? 
  4. Do you feel a lack of support from the people around you in making changes that would be good for you? 
  5. Are you afraid to make a mistake or miss out on something so you avoid doing anything at all? 
  6. Are you afraid to disappoint someone in your life, or perhaps even yourself? 
Hi, I'm Katherine, your clarity coach and a former serial expat
And I can help you feel confident and secure about what you should do!

Because the truth is that you don’t NEED to feel this anxious and confused every day.  Expat life can be hard but it doesn’t need to be THAT hard! 

You CAN feel confident and at ease that you’re making the right decision to live abroad, move back home or even to a new destination. 

Your life CAN feel secure and full of fun and possibilities again.

Feeling this much at ease and clear steps you should take is exactly what you can expect from my Clarity services because I’m on a mission to help expats find the same kind of clarity that helped me feel hopeful again, after 15 years as a serial expat, rather than anxious about the future.