You seem to be struggling to settle in

It seems that you’re struggling to adapt to your new life in one or more areas of your life abroad.

It may be that what you thought your expat life would look like has not quite lived up to your expectations. It is also possible that you have been unprepared for the reality of actually living and establishing a life in a foreign country. The same can be true even if this has not been your first time living abroad – each move can turn out to be a very different experience. But all is not lost.

If you find that there are more benefits to staying, or you feel that it’s too soon to give up, then it’s time to try new ways of finding your place in your expat country as well as getting to know the reality of life in that country now that the rose-colored glasses are off. But if this wasn’t the answer you were looking for, then perhaps on some level you are interested in exploring the possibility of moving back home more than you realize? 

QUestions to ask yourself

  1. What expectations have you had that have not come true?
  2. What have you not tried yet?
  3. Could you commit to trying out something uncomfortable at least once and seeing how it goes?
  4. What are you gaining from living your chosen expat country, even if it feels like a struggle right now? 
  5. Would you feel like you gave up too soon if you were to move back / move on now? Why? 
Hi, I'm Katherine, a clarity coach for expats
And I can help you feel confident and secure about what you should do!

Because the truth is that you don’t NEED to feel this anxious and confused every day.  Expat life can be hard but it doesn’t need to be THAT hard! 

You CAN feel confident and at ease that you’re making the right decision to live abroad, move back home or even to a new destination. 

Your life CAN feel secure and full of fun and possibilities again.

Feeling this much at ease and clear steps you should take is exactly what you can expect from my Clarity services because I’m on a mission to help expats find the same kind of clarity that helped me feel hopeful again, after 15 years as a serial expat, rather than anxious about the future.