Should you stay or go?

Find clarity on where you should be

If you find yourself going around in circles in your head and doubting whether you should continue living abroad or move back to your home country, then this course is for you. Join this 6-week live course if you want to let out all your thoughts and fears so you can stop thinking about what’s the best thing to do and discover the right path for you instead.


I was dissatisfied and frustrated with my life in Denmark, though I had no real reason to be. Still, I knew something had to change. I’ll be the first to admit that thinking about what to do drove me absolutely insane for at least 2 years.

I saw pros and cons to staying, moving somewhere new and moving back to my home country. 

But the problem was that I was scared to make a big move and then realize that I’d made a mistake. I also didn’t feel like starting my life from scratch again, especially after all the effort I’d put into my life in Denmark. I needed this next move to be worth the effort and aligned with what I truly, deeply wanted. 

So I started to dig deep into my inner world. 

It didn’t happen overnight but after some serious self-exploration I finally began to hear that quiet voice calling me back to Estonia. And let me tell you – it’s the best decision I’ve made in a while because I’ve felt such calm and joy since moving back in May 2020.

I don’t know what the right answer will be for you, but I promise to support you in finding it out so you can experience the same kind of peace of mind. 





In this first session you’ll share why you’re pondering over the “stay or go?” question and what makes it difficult for you to decide what to do. I’ll explain why we can get stuck in our own heads about it and outline how the following sessions will help you find clarity.

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Homework for next time: Reflection exercise on your experience abroad

In this session we’ll explore your relationship to the country/ies you’ve chosen to live in. What’s been good? What’s been difficult? And how has that experience triggered you to wonder if this is the right place for you?

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Homework for next time: Reflection exercise on your home country

The third session is about your relationship to your home country – what do you like about it and what makes you apprehensive? We’ll be digging deeper to understand your motivations for wanting to move back.

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Homework for next time: Writing down your fears around staying/moving back

One of the biggest reasons for getting frustratingly stuck is that we’re operating from a place of fear. This is the session where you’ll articulate what you fear will happen were you to move back or continue living abroad. Together we’ll put those fears to rest.

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Homework for next time: Exercise on finding your core values and envisioning your ideal life

This session is all about discovering your values and core needs so you can live a life in alignment with your true self. How have you changed after living abroad? What do you want your life to look and feel like? What needs to happen for you to live that life? 

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Homework for next time: Brainstorming new avenues based on your core values

After taking a journey deeper into yourself, you’ll be bringing together all that you’ve discovered about yourself in this session. What ideas and opportunities have come up for you? Are there other ideas you hadn’t considered before? What concrete steps could you take today?

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Homework: Making an action plan (to be posted in our Facebook group)


Katherine is an empathic, kind and patient listener, who doesn’t judge you or apply pressure when she gives advice. Instead, she asks you the right and, at times, tough but needed questions, which make you self-reflect and address the core of the issue directly.
Italian repat turned expat again (UK)
Katherine is an avid and empathetic listener who always offers honest and objective insight. A true ally!
Greek repat after 2 years in Denmark
The Expat Burnout workbook was very helpful for me in my decision making process, to take a different perspective. It helped me to finally decide to return back to Europe. If I get bored in my home country, I can still move somewhere within Europe, but now I definitely know I am done living in the US.
Soon-to-be repat in Europe (US)


  • 6 thematic sessions (35€ + VAT per session) over weekly group video calls
  • Workbook with prompts and reflections
  • Private Facebook group with help and guidance from me and group members
  • Small group of 6 expats in similar situations
  • Option to email me with questions in-between sessions
  • Rewatch sessions in case you have to miss one
  • Pay after your application has been accepted
  • Application deadline: March 5, 12:00 PM GMT



You’ll need to fill out an application form (click here) to be placed in a group. I will ask you to answer 3 questions – partly so I can get to know you, and partly so I can put people in similar situations in the same group. The application deadline is March 5, 2021 at 12.00 PM GMT.  Once the application deadline has passed, I will send you more details about the course.



The sessions will start in the week 8-14 March. We’ll meet online once a week for a 60-90 minute session for 6 weeks over a video call platform (TBA). When you send in your application, you’ll get to pick the day of the week and time that would work best for you. Please be mindful that coordinating different schedules can prove tricky, although I will do my best to accommodate everyone’s preferences.


Every situation is unique. For you to truly benefit from these group sessions, you would need to commit to doing one reflection exercise in-between sessions. How long these exercises take depends on how tricky the theme is for you to reflect on.

The sessions will revolve around sharing what you’ve learned about yourself and getting a new perspective from others in your situation.

I cannot guarantee that the course alone will be enough for you to bring you clarity. Sometimes we’re not ready to answer the right questions or spend time on self-reflecting. Sometimes circumstances beyond my/your control prevent you from reaching clarity at this point in time. In such a case you are of course welcome to stay in touch with me beyond the course.


Once the application deadline has passed, I will email you with a link to my online store where you can use a secure platform to pay for the course. At present I can only accept payments with VISA or Mastercard. 

Payment in instalments is not available at the moment. However, if that is something you would be interested in, please let me know by sending me an email.


I’m a trained antropologist, a former university lecturer and I hold a PhD in organizational behavior. In my academic work I’ve studied how people deal with change. These days I facilitate workshops and help people transition through change in their business context and find their very own aha! moment. I’ve successfully applied all that knowledge to my personal life and now I’m ready to share it all with you as well.

Feel free to send me an email or get in touch with me through Instagram.