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My Clarity Workbook removes the confusion for you on how to figure out where you should move and helps you find confidence in your next steps instead.

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When you have to make a complex decision with a lot of moving parts to it and you want to know with 100% certainty whether you should stay or go, then my Clarity Workbook is the answer to you feeling clear and confident rather than anxious about your future.

Imagine knowing exactly how to tackle your dilemma, which questions to ask and what is important to focus on every step of the way in your decision-making process. Imagine  no longer feeling confused about  1) how to make such a monumental decision and 2) how to turn it into a reality.

My signature coaching process transformed into a workbook will help you achieve exactly that.

The best bits

In a nutshell

Step-by-step process

Follow my proven step-by-step process to stop the overthinking and going around in circles in your head. Only focus on the questions that matter.

Powerful questions

Understand how your experience abroad has shaped you, how your needs have changed and what you *now* need going forward.

Clear action steps

Meaning this isn't a journal where you just write about your feelings. The workbook guides you in overcoming your fears and taking action regardless.

Other juicy details

No printer? no problem.

You don’t need a printer to use this workbook. You’ll get a handy .pdf file where you can write straight in the file. No fancy software needed.

ANY BONUSEs? oh Yes!

You’ll get tips and tricks for what to do when you get stuck PLUS real life storied from my coaching clients and their breakthroughs.


If you are not making the decision to stay or go alone, then you’ll find discussion questions at the end of every chapter to help you find a happy agreement.


This workbook was very helpful for me in my decision making process, to take a different perspective. It helped me to finally decide to return back to Europe. If I get bored in my home country, I can still move somewhere within Europe, but now I definitely know I am done living in the US.

Mark, soon-to-be repat

I was feeling torn between two options that didn't compare. One came with an amazing lifestyle and the other with meaningful relationships. The more I dug into this workbook, the more I realized that I wasn't done yet with living abroad, at least not for another few years.

Emma, first-time expat

⚡Grab your workbook now⚡

One step closer to clarity

You’ll get:

  • My step-by-step signature method spread over 80-pages to help you find clarity at your own pace
  • Six thematic chapters that help you break down your dilemma from different angles
  • BONUS: Tips and tricks for what to do when you get stuck.⁠
  • BONUS: Guiding questions for couples to help you reach a mutual decision.⁠
  • BONUS: Real life stories from clients who have had a breakthrough using this workbook.
  • FAQ

    I can never make any promises as this workbook will only be as useful to you as you are able and willing to be honest with yourself, as a first step, and then brave enough to make changes in your life, as the second step.

    That said, what this workbook will definitely help you with is taking away the ‘how’ of deciding whether to stay or go.

    You only need to focus on the details of your life, trusting the process that the workbook takes you on.


    The workbook is made up of different reflection exercises and prompts. Here’s a brief overview of the themes covered in the six workbook chapters:

    1: Your expat experience. Get a deep understanding of how you are doing today to help you better determine whether you’re just going through a rough patch or whether it is time to move on or leave expat life behind.

    2: Your values. Put words to what you stand for and what you value in life. Being clear about who you have become and what you need to feel fulfilled in life helps you make decisions that support your emotional well-being.

    3: Your vision for your future. Envision a future where you get to have everything your way. Having a general direction to move towards means that you avoid making decisions that do not support living the kind of life you want for yourself.

    4: Your options. Revisit the options that you have been struggling to choose between. This time you will be guided to analyze the options on your table based on everything you have learned about yourself in this workbook so far.

    5: Your fears. Whether you found your answer by now or not, there are often a lof fears around committing to a decision. Address your fears with the help of these powerful prompts that can release any unnecessary pressure.

    6: Making an action plan. Get organized and make an action plan for how to improve your life abroad or for the logistics of your move back home / to a new expat destination.

    This workbook asks you to get real quiet and honest with yourself. 

    With that in mind, it’s best that you carve out alone time for yourself for each chapter.

    All the better if you do some calming activities beforehand – go for a walk, meditate or take a bath. Whatever gets you in a calm state of mind, do that.

    Why? Because it’s difficult to make good decisions when you’re agitated and anxious.

    The same applies to working with this workbook – it’s hard to get to the core of what you want when you’ve had a bad day or you’re otherwise stressed out. 

    So make sure to get in the right frame of mind beforehand for best results.

    Since each chapter asks you to dig deep, it is best that you take as much time as you need until you to feel that you’ve exhausted each topic. 

    DO NOT SKIP TO THE LAST CHAPTER – that would defeat the purpose of the entire workbook.

    It’s completely possible that you fill out one chapter in one sitting, but after a while you come back to that chapter because you learned something new about yourself in another chapter or after thinking some more about some key questions.

    Self-discovery is not a process you should rush through if you truly want to find peace of mind and make a solid decision. So make sure to take all the time you need.

    It happens sometimes!

    It may be that you’re simply not ready for the answers (been there!) or you need to talk to someone neutral (meaning, someone who doesn’t have a stake in your decision!) to get a different perspective.

    It’s also perfectly okay to step away from the workbook and simply go about your daily life until you feel like coming back to it. Taking a break from trying to find answers can sometimes work wonders. 

    Either way, there are tips and tricks included in the workbook in key places where people typically get stuck so you can work through any roadblocks on your own.

    If you’re confused about an exercise and how to solve it, you are welcome to reach out to me via email or Instagram.

    For personalized help, check out my 1:1 coaching here.

    If you’ve worked through the workbook, it’s quite likely that a single, intense session with me will be enough for you.

    That said, I can’t make any promises as it is directly dependent to the amount of honest self-reflection you’ve done previously and your willingness to make necessary changes, even if they seem scary.

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    Hi, I'm Katherine, your clarity coach and a former serial expat
    And I can help you feel confident and secure about what you should do!

    Because the truth is that you don’t NEED to feel this anxious and confused every day about whether you should stay or go.  Expat life can be hard but it doesn’t need to be THIS hard! 

    You CAN feel confident and at ease that you’re making the right decision to live abroad, move back home or even to a new destination. 

    Your life CAN feel secure and full of fun and possibilities again AND have crystal clarity about the steps you need to take for it.

    Feeling this much at ease is exactly what you can expect from my Clarity Services because I’m on a mission to help expats find the same kind of clarity that helped me feel hopeful again, after 15 years as a serial expat, rather than anxious about the future.