Should you Move back?

Are you haunted by the idea of moving back to your home/passport country but you’re not sure whether that’s the right decision for you? Learn how to find clarity around what you want, reduce any anxiety or doubt and find confidence in your direction (one way or another).

Does this sound like you?

Even though you’re not entirely thrilled about the prospect of repatriating because you don’t want to give up all the perks of your life abroad and step back into a situation you know all too well, you simply can’t shake this feeling that something is missing or that you might be happier or more content in your home country.

You want to feel at home, at ease and like you belong. And that’s something that life abroad hasn’t been able to offer you, right?

But what if you did move back? There are all these things that you fear would happen which could potentially downgrade your current quality of life. You’re also not keen on returning to your old life since you’ve changed so much during your time abroad.

If this sounds like you, and you’re looking for steps you could take to find clarity, then you’ve stumbled upon the perfect solution.


…knowing exactly what the right decision is for you, even if the decision you’re contemplating has a lot of moving parts to it (work, relationships, family dynamics, finances, housing, kids’ education etc.). 

Through the Repatriation Clarity Bundle you’ll come to understand your *why* (the core reason for why you should stay or move back) and be able to translate that into relevant action steps. 

Knowing your “why” is important because when you start to doubt what you should do, your *why* will help you remove any lingering hesitation and support you in stepping forward confidently, knowing that you’re heading in the right direction.

During the workshop, it became obvious to me that you had a lot of experience working with other expats going through the same challenges. There really are a myriad of factors to consider, some more important than others, and you provided a clear and structured framework, in which to gain clarity, separating the real fears from the imagined ones. I’ve come to realize that we should listen to what our feelings are telling us e.g. discontent at our expat life, or a greater pull of family at home; rather than going along with what our friends are doing, or what we think we should be doing, and not honouring what we genuinely want. If anything, I wish I had discovered and done this work earlier!


Workshop participant, now-repat

Introducing the

Repatriation Clarity Bundle

The complete self-reflection bundle made for expats struggling to decide whether to repatriate,  to help you clarify your direction in life and move forward (one way or the other) with confidence. 

Should you move back home training

Here's what's inside...

Workshop on "How to Stop Wondering and Finally Know for Sure Whether You Should Repatriate?"

You’ll get access to my 1-hour pre-recorded online workshop packed with wisdom and insight gained from working with expat clients who have been in a similar headspace as you.

In this workshop, you’ll learn about the following topics:

  • Typical reasons why expats get stuck trying to decide and the mistake you want to avoid making
  • The steps you need to take to find clarity (explaining the Path to Clarity method in detail)
  •  What can make it hard for you to know what you want and what you should do
  • 9 triggers that create anxious thoughts for expats trying to make a decision (and how to overcome them)
  • How to figure out the practicalities of potentially moving back
  • BONUS: How to overcome conflating factors and seemingly incompatible needs
  • BONUS: How to cope with difficult family dynamics

The content of this workshop has been updated based on participant feedback to a previously held live workshop on the same topic. 

Path to Clarity Workbook

You don’t have to memorize the steps you need to take to find clarity on whether you should move back or not. Simply follow the steps laid out in my 80-page Path to Clarity workbook and peel back the answer to your dilemma one layer at a time.

The workbook asks you to dive deep into the following topics:

  • Your expat experience
  • Your relationship to your home country
  • Your core needs
  • Your vision for your future
  • Your fears
  • Moving forward

If you’re making this decision as part of a couple/family, you can embark on this self-discovery journey together. Each workbook chapter has a list of discussion questions to help you come to a mutually satisfying decision.

Checklist: 10 Steps to Final Confirmation that You're Making the Right Decision

Once you’ve worked your way through all of the Path to Clarity materials, give your decision one final check with my 10-point checklist. This checklist is based on the various signs I’ve seen in my clients who have then gone on to have zero regrets about their decision. In other words, this checklist is that last bit of support to help you find that final confirmation that you’d be making the right decision.

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Hi, I'm Katherine! Your clarity coach and a happy repat even after 3 years.
I can help you figure out if it's time to wrap things up

Because right now you’re probably constantly wondering where you’re going to be a year from now, when your kids are older or even when you’ve grown old.

You probably also have a ton of fears around repatriating – how to enjoy the same lifestyle as a repat, whether you’ll get bored, how to deal with all the negative stuff you left behind. 

You just don’t want to make a terrible mistake that you can’t reverse, right? Or to give up all the perks of your life abroad?

Well, I’ve been where you’re at and I had to work through a lot to figure things out for myself (but I’m a super happy repat thanks to that).

Born from my own struggle with the “stay or go?” question,  professional experience and PhD research, my signature method will help you remove all that confusion and doubt and replace it with confidence in your decision, one way or another.


It’s scary to even consider giving up everything I’ve built abroad for potentially finding more inner peace by moving back. It feels like a very messy situation with so many aspects to it. With all this in mind, I felt so inspired after the workshop to get started on the workbook, which I found very enlightening and extremely well structured. The decision-making process is going slow for me because there are so many things that need to line up, but having this structured path to follow has made it so much easier to know what I need to focus on and what doesn’t deserve my attention.


Workshop participant, expat

Not sure if this bundle is right for you?

While every dilemma is somewhat unique, if you can say “yes” to one of the following points, you’ll find that this bundle has you covered:

✔️ You love your life abroad, but you feel like something’s missing and you think repatriation may be the answer

✔️ You’ve been trying to make it work for a while, you’re tired and you want the ease and lack of daily struggle you experience back home

✔️ You are not sure if your home country is the answer (there are a lot of negative things to deal with back home), but the thought keeps bugging you

Repatriation Clarity Bundle

The complete self-reflection bundle made for expats struggling to decide whether to repatriate,  to help you clarify your direction in life and move forward (one way or the other) with confidence. 

14-day money-back guarantee. Secure payment provided by Stripe.

Should you move back home training


The insight and materials included in this bundle will be difficult to process in one sitting. Each step towards clarity asks you to dig deep around the corresponding theme and requires plenty of time for uninterrupted self-reflection.

With that in mind, make sure to carve out a few hours of alone time for self-reflection for each workbook chapter. Roughly 12 hrs for the workbook and min. 1 hr for the workshop.

I can never guarantee a specific result for my clients, as much as I would like to. That’s because the kind of work that finding clarity calls for depends on how self-aware you already are and how much thinking (and healing) you’ve done previously.

Sometimes I’ve also seen people find a confirmation to their decision through my materials, but external circumstances had to fall in place before any meaningful action could be taken.

This is all to say that the kind of results you can expect will largely depend on where in the process of change you are in.

There’s no time limit to your access to the materials so you can work through the workshop recording and workbook at your own pace.

We can’t force change so it’s important for me to give you all the time and space you need to come to the most aligned conclusion and plan of action.

The workshop is hosted on my website, so you don’t need a separate program to watch the video recording.

The workbook and checklist can both be printed out as normal.

Alternatively, if you’re going to work through the materials using a digital device, you’ll need a PDF file reader such as Adobe or Preview.

According to EU regulations, you have the right to withdraw from your purchase within 14 days and receive a full refund. 

To exercise your right of withdrawal or cancel the order, send an email to within 14 days, counting from the day the purchase was processed. 

If you do get stuck and feel a need for a neutral sounding board, consider booking a Clarity Intensive session with me to clear your head from all the noise and get a fresh perspective. 

You are also welcome to email me at if you want to clarify how to work through certain exercises in case you get stuck

The workbook in this bundle has been adapted to the “should I move back?” question but it is based on the same Path to Clarity method as the Clarity Workbook. With this bundle, you’ll also get access to the pre-recorded workshop and confirmation checklist, which are not included with the original Clarity Workbook.

If you’ve already purchased the Clarity Workbook and you would like to get access to the rest of the materials in this bundle, send me an email to receive a 50% off discount code to be redeemed at checkout.

Say goodbye to...

Not knowing what you want

An end to confusion and overwhelm from not knowing what you want and what's most important to take into consideration.

Focusing on the wrong things

No more going in circles and feeling lost about what you should do, all the while not moving any closer to clarity.

Just hoping things will get better

Missing opportunities and unintentionally holding yourself back from making changes that will make you so much happier (abroad or back home).

And say hello to...

Feeling in control

Know what steps are important to take to find clarity and what you need to focus on in your decision-making.

Having a clear plan

Know how to manage your repatriation fears and work through the myriad of reasons that are making you doubtful.

Finding confidence

Knowing exactly what you want, why you want it and where in the world you can live your best life.

Repatriation Clarity Bundle

The complete self-reflection bundle made for expats struggling to decide whether to repatriate,  to help you clarify your direction in life and move forward (one way or the other) with confidence. 

14-day money-back guarantee. Secure payment provided by Stripe.

Should you move back home training