Culture shock: How to stop comparing and start adapting to a new culture

Let's face it. We'd all rather stay in our comfort zone. Expats are no different in that regard. Starting a new life somewhere else is of course bold but culture shock is something that will hit all expats to a different degree. Learn how to move through culture shock and take your time in adapting to a new culture.

'I feel so alone': How to get over expat loneliness

I have lost count of all the times I have felt lonely while living abroad. For a long time I didn't know that this is something all expats have experienced, are currently experiencing, and will experience (again). Read about my approach to dealing with expat loneliness.

Should you learn the local language? Part I

Whether we choose to learn a local language as an expat or not, every language choice has a consequence. So when you're considering whether you should learn the local language, read more on how you can make the best possible choice.
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