Working abroad: Figuring out the workplace culture

When we're living and working abroad, we're not only adapting to a new culture, we're also adapting to a new workplace culture. There are three steps you can take to quickly learn about your new workplace abroad, and feel less like a total foreigner (at least some of the time). 

How to overcome language barriers: The international workplace edition

Many expats who live abroad work in international companies where English is the official common language, but not the national language. But what should you do when locals prefer to speak in the local language and leave you out of the information loop? Find out what steps you can take.

Culture clash: Why being annoyed with a foreign culture can be good for you

You've probably experienced some kind of culture clash in your attempt to live a normal life in a foreign country. You know, those moments when you get so annoyed with the little things that people do that make no sense to you. Find out what these moments can teach you about what you need for a happy life.
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