Should you
stay or go?

My signature coaching method is tailored to expats who feel stuck trying to decide whether to stay or go. I will help you feel absolutely confident about making the right decision and at ease about your future.

Hi, I'm Katherine!

I’m a former serial expat (15 yrs), a happy repat (2 yrs) and an expert on change.

Even though I’ve spent my entire professional and academic life working with change, innovation and uncertainty, at some point I lost the plot in my personal life and I spent years agonizing over whether I should stay or go (and if so, where) because I was terrified of making the wrong kind of change.

The worst part about it was that instead of talking to someone to find clarity I simply continued to go around in circles in my head. That’s until I finally had enough.

Drawing from my professional experience, I created a step-by-step process that helped me figure out what I wanted so I could finally feel at home somewhere. The right answer for me turned out to be repatriation, a decision that I haven’t regretted even once.

I’ve since turned my process into a signature coaching method so that you won’t have to figure things out all on your own. It’s my mission to help you find clarity and confidence in your decision so that you can finally feel at home somewhere in this world as well. 




This was exactly what I needed! I didn't realize that I don't have to worry about where my life is headed if I'm really enjoying my life abroad. There's no need for "you should do this or that" if that thing doesn't make sense to me.
I would've liked to have found you earlier! You've made me realise that it's okay to not love every single moment of expat life, and that sometimes the best decision is to repatriate - and that that's not a failure!

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Expat burnout is real. It's that constant feeling of being fed up with life abroad. Get my FREE workbook to help you figure out what you need.


If you're overthinking whether you should stay or go, I've got a number of solutions for you that can help you find clarity and peace of mind.


As a first-time expat, you may not know which struggles are just par for the course. Here's a definitive list that goes deeper than the surface.


Stories from expats and repats around the world on how they decided whether to stay or go.


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