feel deeply happy living abroad

Mood journaling helps you feel in control of the ups and downs of life abroad. You’ll know exactly how to make every day feel good and why living in a foreign country is still worth it for you.

Why mood journaling?

proven method in positive psychology

Psychologists recommend mood journaling for better understanding your own inner world. It also empowers you to make both big and small changes which increase your overall wellbeing.

feel more positive - for longer

Mood tracking allows you to recognize patterns in your life and identify negative influences. Knowing exactly what brings you down helps you prioritize the things that make you happy.

be unfazed by bad days

Being in touch with yourself means that a negative surprise or a major life change won't break your spirit for long. You will feel secure in your path regardless of any bumps in the road.

see how your efforts are paying off

The positive impact of the changes you make will be visible in your mood journal - the more you put down a positive mood, the better you've been taking care of yourself. Extra motivation!

how mood journaling works

set it up in 3 easy steps

Print out a mood tracker template, glue it into your notebook and pick your five favorite colors to represent your moods.

make it a habit

Incorporate mood journaling into moments where you only focus on you - fx during your morning coffee or bed time routine.

Lockdown mood and habit tracker

spend 2 minutes per day

Mood journaling only takes 2 minutes. You just use colors to get the same benefits as you do from writing about your day.


Focus more on what makes you feel good, avoid what brings you down and see the fruit of your efforts as you go.

Living abroad making friends

I was always eager to live abroad. But no one could have prepared me for the amount of soul searching I was really in for. Moving to a foreign country (or several of them) is still a major life change even if you're excited about it. 

Living abroad has forced me to question who I am, what I need for a happy life and how to get there. Sometimes those answers were really hard to find. Other times those answers were staring me in the face.

Since I don't have the patience for long-form journaling, tracking my moods and micro journaling have been so important for me on this journey to my most authentic self.

These days, the choices I make and the people that come into my life all align with who I am deep inside. Getting in touch with myself has also meant that no matter the ups and downs that life abroad throws at me, I know I have my own back if I need to. I want the same for you.

- Katherine

mood tracker TEMPLATES

Minimalist monthly mood and habit tracker (inner circle of mood tracker is blank). 

Click on the image to download.

Hand-drawn travel-themed monthly mood and habit tracker. 

Click on the image to download.

COMMON questions

Does it really work?

Dedicating time to getting to know yourself always works, although it is a process that doesn’t really ever end as you change over time. The only thing you need to do is be willing to explore who you really are and what makes you happy. 

I don't Have a printer, can I still do it?

Sure! I like to use an old school method for situations like this. It involves increasing the backlight of your computer screen and tracing the trackers onto a page in your notebook. There are further instructions included with the templates.

I don't have any time for journaling.

Mood journaling is different from journaling because you only need 2 minutes to reflect on your day. It takes very little time on a daily basis to create an invaluable track record of your moods. It’s more of a visual approach to what journaling accomplishes with words.

Mine won't look very pretty

Remember, this is about self-discovery and less about your artistic skills (unless that’s what you discover along the way is precisely what’s waiting to burst out of you). Nevertheless, I’ve included some helpful tips and tricks to the templates to spark your inspiration.

What do I need to get started?

Great that you asked. Essentially just some paper, colorful markers or pencils and 2 minutes out of your day. However, if you want to step it up, I will soon be listing an essential mood journaling supplies list here very soon! 

Mine won't look very pretty

Remember, this is about self-discovery and less about your artistic skills (unless that’s what you discover along the way is precisely what’s waiting to burst out of you). Nevertheless, I’ve included some helpful tips and tricks in the files to spark your inspiration.


If there’s one thing I get embarrassingly excited about it is stationery. I love exploring stationery stores in different countries and purchasing new items if I hear good things about them. Even moving around has not stopped me from dragging a set of paper products, pencils and pens along with me. It’s mad, I know. 

Although I like to test new things, once I find something that meets all my criteria I’m incredibly brand loyal. So you won’t see me recommending products just because they’re hip or trendy. 

What is important to me is a minimalist style, high-quality, multifunctionality and a price tag that makes sense. I’m not asking for much, right? 

So if you want a foolproof start to mood journaling, you can get the products that have been my staples for years. Explore all of them below.


Lockdown mood and habit tracker


Lockdown mood and habit tracker


Lockdown mood and habit tracker