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The affordable alternative to finding the clarity you need to decide whether to stay or go and feel in control of where your life is going.

You're in the right place if this sounds like you...

You’re probably really tired of wondering whether you should stay or go, worrying about making the wrong decision and being just plain unsure whether what you’re hoping to feel or achieve is even remotely possible for you.

Meanwhile, there ARE things that you really appreciate about your life abroad, right? Things that you haven’t had the luxury to experience before.

But still it feels like something’s missing, right? And around and around you go. 

But you don’t need to feel this anxious and confused every day.

Hi, I'm Katherine, your clarity coach and a former serial expat
And I can help you feel confident that you're making the right decision!

Feeling this much at ease is exactly what you can expect from my Clarity Email Consultation because I’m on a mission to help expats find the same kind of clarity that helped me feel hopefuly again, after 15 years as a serial expat, rather than anxious about the future. 

You CAN feel confident that you’re making the right decision to live abroad, move back home or even to a new destination.

All you need to do is figure out what you need going forward and how to make it happen – and I’m here to help you do both!

After my Clarity Email Consultation

You'll KNOW...

Why you're going in circles

With my uncanny ability to read between the lines (so I'm told!), I will point out where you're getting in your own way of happiness with negative thinking and limiting beliefs.

What you need to focus on

I'll be straightforward with you about the option you're clearly leaning towards more so you cut can out the confusion faster and take action.

How to solve your dilemma

I'll share questions, exercises and strategies so you can approach your unique dilemma from a radically new perspective and finally solve it!


Find clarity now

Answer my pre-defined questions that help me understand your story. I will then respond with a detailed analysis of your dilemma to help you find clarity at your own pace. My days for replies are Monday and Thursday (excluding public holidays).


Perfect if you don't want to commit to coaching.
incl. VAT
  • Receive an in-depth analysis of your situation
  • Get custom questions and exercises
  • Discounted additional consultation (48€)

Feel in control of your life again!


You don’t have to figure things out all on your own – you can rely on me, a former serial expat who’s been where you’re at for far longer than was necessary. And the best part? I’ve figured out a path to clarity that *WORKS* using my expertise and personal experience. All you need to do? Apply it to your situation.


When you don’t know where all this is going, where you will be in a few years’ time and how to make a messy decision with a lot of parts to it then what you need is a structured approach to understanding your situation. My custom questions and exercises for you will help you with that.


It’s easy to feel alone and like no one else is struggling with the same feelings and worries as you. All of my clients report feeling like they’re not alone anymore after they’ve shared their dilemma with me and learned how many others have been in their shoes and still come out the other side happier than ever.

Need something more personal?

I’d be happy to chat with you to see if my 1:1 coaching options would fit your needs better. Feel free to send me an email or book a free 20-minute discovery call with me (it’s non-binding!).

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