How expat shame may be preventing you from deciding

Expat shame can crop up while living abroad but also when you’re agonizing over whether you should stay or go. Here are the three ways that I have seen expat shame typically rear its head for expats.

Got a decision deadline? Keep these things in mind

Quite often I work with expats who have a decision deadline forcing them to decide whether they should stay or go. Learn why sometimes you can’t and shouldn’t rush clarity on what you should do, and what are the repercussions of following someone else’s advice.

How to decide where you should settle down after living abroad

After years of living abroad it can be very difficult to know where you should settle down to find that elusive feeling of home and belonging. Here’s my framework for how you can go about making sure you make the best decision for yourself regardless.

Here’s the secret to a successful repatriation (2-year update)

Repatriation is stressful no matter how you cut it. But there are things you can do to reduce the stress of adjusting to a new life and increase your chances of feeling satisfied that you decided to repatriate. Here is what has helped me have a successful repatriation.

4 lessons on deciding where to settle down when you have no ties to anywhere

Not feeling tied to anywhere is a big challenge for expats, and particularly for those expats who don’t necessarily feel that “this country/city/town feels like home so that’s where I’d want to settle down”. Here are the lessons I’ve learned that have taken me from confused to clear on where I should settle down after years of living as a serial expat.