Bad Days Abroad grew out of my frustration with generic advice such as ‘go on an adventure’ or ‘join a club’ which often didn’t even come close to fixing the emotional turmoil of living in foreign countries.

Exhibit A: Me after a full day of feeling like a foreigner

After 14 years abroad, establishing a normal life in 7 countries, and a lifetime of travels, I dare say I have gone through quite a few bad days. And I still keep having them. Because that’s just life.

Although I’m wiser now, for a long time I did not have a clue what to do to feel better. 

Exhibit B: me after a day of feeling alone (once again lying down)

In Bad Days Abroad, I draw from my personal experience and little nuggets of wisdom I’ve picked up over the years. But since I’m also a professional nerd, sometimes I draw from my academic research on the realities of expat/migrant life.

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