Since you’re here right now, you’re clearly a brave person – because you took a risk and started a new life in a foreign country.

 But maybe…

  • the reality of living abroad has not been quite what you expected it to be
  • you don’t understand why you’re having a hard time
  • and you don’t know what to do about it (so you blame the country you chose to live in instead)

You want to make the best of this opportunity to live abroad.

You want to feel settled and comfortable (even if this place isn’t for life).

But you just don’t know what you’re doing wrong because it hasn’t happened yet.

Well I’m here to help you determine what’s missing and show you how to create a life abroad that truly works for you.


It’s my curious nature that has led me to travel extensively throughout my life and live abroad for the last 14 years. I’ve lived in:

    • Switzerland
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • Denmark (where I’m based)
    • Portugal
    • Estonia (where I was born)
    • UK

Looking back, I genuinely don’t believe that any country is ‘the worst place on Earth’

A successful experience of living abroad is all about figuring out what you need and finding a way to meet those needs in a new context.

In many ways then, Bad Days Abroad is a way for me to share my unfiltered truth about living abroad and the mistakes that led me to these realizations – so you can be better prepared when things get tough.

My passion for the topic of life abroad has even led to me get a PhD and study the struggles of international life. So don’t be surprised when I bring in current research to discuss common challenges abroad.

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We can't get enough of your feed. So, so much wisdom and great words. We are together in this crazy life abroad!
I'm thankful to have stumbled upon your thoughts. Sometimes honesty stings, but it's better than vague "inspirational" quotes. You are appreciated.
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