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Hi, I’m Katherine! I’m a former serial expat of 15 years turned happy repat. I’ve turned my personal struggle with deciding whether to stay or go into a structured and proven method that can also help you figure out where you would feel happiest.




I can honestly say I feel more confident now that, no matter where we are, I am more informed and better equipped to create a stable life for me and my family. If you're feeling a bit upside-down about life abroad, I highly recommend Katherine. She is warm and wonderful on top of being insightful and knowledgable.
Serial expat
The process of trying to communicate the nuts and bolts of my dilemma to a complete stranger was helpful, but then Katherine's astute observations, guidance and kindness have really helped me own my decision to repatriate.
Long-term expat

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Expat burnout is real. It's that constant feeling of being fed up with life abroad. Get my FREE workbook to help you figure out what you need.


If you're overthinking whether you should stay or go, I've got a number of solutions for you that can help you find clarity and peace of mind.


As a first-time expat, you may not know which struggles are just par for the course. Here's a definitive list that goes deeper than the surface.


Stories from expats and repats around the world on how they decided whether to stay or go.

Hi, I'm Katherine!

 I’m on a mission to help expats  find the same kind of clarity that helped me get out of feeling stuck and lost 1,5 years ago.

Before that I nearly drove myself insane over the years by overthinking whether I should stay in Denmark or move somewhere else.

The problem was that I was scared to make a big move and then realize that I’d made a mistake. 

At the core of it, I didn’t know what I truly wanted. So I decided to start asking some big questions from myself.

It didn’t happen overnight but after a while I began to hear what my inner voice was calling me to do.

As a result, in May 2020 I chose to move to Estonia, my passport country. I was still afraid whether things would work out but I was committed to seeing things through.

And let me tell you – I’ve felt such calm and joy since then and it’s largely because I was crystal clear on *why* I chose this country, come what may.

You deserve a life free of analysis paralysis as well.

That’s why I transformed my personal self-discovery process into a coaching method and a self-guided workbook that can guide you to the answers you’ve been looking for.