helping expats
decide where to move

If you can’t decide whether to stay or go, where to settle down or whether it’s time to move back home, I will help you make the *right* decision and feel confident about your next steps.

Hi, I'm Katherine!

I’m a retired world traveller and serial expat. These days I lead a deeply fulfilling and settled life in my passport country.

But before moving back, I spent years agonizing over whether I should stay or go (and if so, where). I was terrified of making the wrong choice.

The worst part was that I simply continued to go around in circles in my head. That’s until I finally had enough of wasting my energy on being anxious.

Drawing from my academic and professional experience, I created a step-by-step process that helped me figure out what I wanted from my life and what I needed so I could finally feel at home somewhere. 

The right answer for me turned out to be giving repatriation a chance, a decision that I haven’t regretted even once.

I’ve since turned my process into a signature coaching method so that you won’t have to figure things out all on your own. It’s my mission to help you find clarity and make the right decision so that you can finally feel at home somewhere in this world as well. 

I felt extremely conflicted about continuing to live abroad so I reached out to Katherine to find clarity whether I should move back home. I think Katherine is a unique individual with this incredible ability to listen to others and redirect their focus to where it needs to be. After working with her, I have been able to focus on what’s truly important to me and my journey while being abroad. I found confidence in my decision to live abroad and I came to understand that all of my feelings about life abroad are okay and valid.

Sandra D.